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Actcast is a platform as a service (PaaS) for edge computing
that allows developers to easily and inexpensively build
IoT systems that use advanced AI analysis.

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What is edge computing?

Edge computing refers to a model that processes and analyzes information in multiple layers, including IoT devices (edge ​​devices).

Compared to cloud computing, in which information is aggregated in a data center in the cloud for processing and analysis, this technology can reduce the concentration of load on the data center and is attracting attention as a technology that can achieve the ultra-low latency required by technologies such as automated vehicles and drones.

In addition, since it is a mechanism that sends the only necessary information to the cloud, it is expected as a technology that enables the protection of privacy, which is gaining worldwide interest.


It is possible to analyze the sensing data collected by various AI / IoT applications in real-time and use it for business optimization and problem solving through the most suitable tools.

Process and collect various data at the edge at extremely low cost

Idein's unique high-speed technology that boosts edge processing power enables real-time analysis even on inexpensive devices, accelerating the collection of real-world information.

In addition, since information processing is performed at the edge, the cost of communication and cloud can be significantly reduced.

Easily manage a large number of devices and switch apps remotely

The dashboard allows you to monitor the life and death of a large number of devices, install/uninstall applications, and update.

In addition, you can easily purchase AI / IoT apps on the marketplace and change the behavior without touching the installed devices.

Infinite possibilities for utilizing acquired data with API integration

You can freely select the best tool to utilize the acquired data.

The introduced application will improve the efficiency of various corporate activities such as inventory management, research and development, personnel allocation, and store management.

Actcast's ecosystem

We provide our own high-speed technology as an SDK free of charge to support the monetization of AI development vendors. Furthermore, we will create business opportunities for all players involved in building AI / IoT systems.

Partner Program

We are looking for development and business partners to develop innovative solutions with Actcast and deliver value to customers. This program includes early access to the SDK for partners to create custom applications. Please see the following document for more information.

Actcast Partners