Founder / CEO
    Koichi NAKAMURA
    Born in 1984. Graduated of the information science and technologies graduate school of The University of Tokyo, I retired at the end of my computer science PhD to found Idein Inc. My primarly university research subject was optimizing compiler engineering dedicated to High Performance Computing.
    Founder / CTO
    Yasuyuki YAMADA
    Born in 1982. Graduated from the master course of graduate school of information science and technology of Osaka University, I conducted research on the super-resolution techniques at the university. After graduation, I worked in a major electrical manufacturer company, in a bio-informatics related start-up, then as a freelance, before taking part in Idein Inc.
    Born in 1982. Received BA in Management Science from Bridgewater State College in 2005. Before joining Idein in 2018, I worked for Daiwa Securities, Daiwa Capital Markets Singapore, PwC Advisory, and SMBC Nikko and had various experiences such as IPO advisory, origination, and execution of various finance/M&A deals in investment banking division, and also valuation for cross-border transactions in M&A advisory team. 
    Shu NITO
    Born in 1983. Graduated from the department of Chinese Literature and Culture, Shanghai Fudan University. Joined Idein after working for Daiwa Securities SMBC (currently Daiwa Securities) and Mitsui & Co. Mainly engaged in M&A advisory and Corporate coverage sales at an investment bank, and business development・Investment in ICT and Retail businesses at a trading house.
    Kazuki OHTA
    Born in 1985. Received a master's degree in information science from the University of Tokyo. As well as being a board member of Idein, He has been CTO and a board member of Treasure Data Inc., as a Co-founder. He has also been a VP of Technology of Arm Ltd., since the acquisition of Treasure Data Inc., by Arm Ltd. Before founding Treasure Data Inc., He was CTO of Preferred Infrastructure Inc., the company which develops natural language processing and search engine technology.

Staff Interview

「常に変化をしながら社会に価値を還元できるエンジニアリング」Idein CTOの組織作り論
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